Math Now Coding will be available in September 2022. Check us out!

We are excited to introduce to you the Math Now Coding resource, an integral part of the Math Now (2022) resource which will soon be ready too. The resource will be delivered on the Google Cloud Platform, our new home for your curriculum resource needs.

The Coding resource is designed to provide students with the fundamental coding skills aligned with the coding expectations set for each grade in the Ontario Math Curriculum (2020).

We choose Scratch block-based coding to deliver the Curriculum for the following reasons.

  • Code blocks (using underlying scripts) are easy to read and understand.
  • The visual-based block programming does not require writing text which can be overwhelming for young coders.
  • The syntax involved is relatively simple. There are fewer rules in using the coding blocks.

Students will learn basic coding blocks and write simple codes in early years. They will gradually improve their coding skills with broader knowledge of the coding blocks to write codes that require more complex logic and algorithms.

Click to learn more about the Scope and Sequence used in the Resource.

For Grades 1 – 3, teachers may follow the lessons as prepared. The resource provides perquisite lessons (about 6 hours) for Grades 4 – 8. Click to learn more about the Implementation plan.

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