Math Now Series

Your resource - written by Canadian teachers and educators for Canadian students

What Math Now Offers

  • Conceptual understanding combined with procedural fluency
  • Connections to broader disciplines and everyday contexts
  • Development of Social Emotional Learning (SEL) skills
  • Coding support for teachers
  • STEM integration
  • Practise problems on key concepts
  • Probing questions to initiate discussion, reveal misconceptions and reinforce understanding
  • Problem solving opportunities with real-life contexts
  • Applications of the mathematical modelling process
  • Differentiated and ELL instruction strategies, including readiness indicators
  • Assessment strategies and tools to evaluate and report students’ achievement
  • Videos and websites, recommended to enhance learning
Who is the Development Team


Dr. Marc Husband

Robbie Olivero

Sofia Saleem

Adrienne Scott

Gerrie Storr

Otto Wevers


Managing Editor – Dr. Marietta Bloch

Mathematics Advisor – Dr. Marc Husband

Substantive Editor – Jodi Rauch

Copyeditor – Gerrie Storr

Learning Platform Design – Dr. Jovian Wat

Illustrations – Pottery Chan

Why Math Now is Your Best Choice

Every lesson follows consistent organization:

  • Prepare students cognitively for the main lesson task.

  • Collaboratively solve problems that require applying the concepts and skills of the lesson.

  • Consolidate ideas and understanding, and express mathematical thinking to peers.

  • Students reflect on their learning and build confidence, proficiency and fluency in mathematics.

Discussion prompts that generate higher-order thinking are used to facilitate learning throughout the Resource.

Sample probing questions are purposefully prepared to engage students in meaningful discussions.

Practising Fundamentals questions are part of each lesson, with printable versions also included.

Teachers have access to all the materials across Grades 1 to 8. This eases teaching of combined grades and, with just a convenient click, teachers can refer to a lesson where a concept or skill was previously taught—no need for a whole new search or hunting through a textbook, or delaying students’ getting the support they need to review or learn a concept.

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